Professional Web Page Design

If you're looking to quickly create a top-notch web presence with little investment of time or money, our selected Website Packages are right for you.
Package Sites feature several choices of high-quality Flash and HTML designs created with YOU, The Professional in mind.

Three packages are available, each featuring a fixed number of pages, allowing them to be launched quickly. All development is managed by Polnetmedia's team of professional web designers, which means all you need to do is provide the information and images (optional). 

We design, host and maintain your website(low monthly maintenance fee apply).


tworzenie stron internetowych Chicago

Professional Web Redesign Services

Nothing can beat the results a website designed by an expert generates.

This service will help you boost your sales and make your website more attractive. Beat your competition with a new eye-catching look and feel and increase your trustworthiness with a professional design. Improve the image of your business or general web presence and you will notice the effects almost instantly. Statistics prove again and again that the design of your site is essential to improve conversion rates and customer retention.

Here before and after example:

web site before redesigningweb site after redesigning

If your site doesn't look professional enough, the average visitor will not decide to explore it. In this case you will not only miss out on actual sales but also on obtaining contact information of potential customers that can be converted into future sales.  
Almost 90% of web site visitors will NOT buy, or enter credit card information, if the web site doesn't appear "business like". So to prevent this from happening to you, use our professional web redesign services.
Creating a new online presence has never been so easy. Our experienced project coordinators will guide you and hold your and from A to Z until your new site goes live.

Our services range from:

  • creating a completely new website
  • fixing bugs and problems of your existing site
  • enhancing your website with new features and services.

If you ever wondered why you can't make any sales or aren't asked to have your newsletter sent to anyone, your site design is more than likely the culprit. So don't hesitate, make sure things go your way in the future and order a web design package today.

logo design for small business

Professional Logo Design

Do you realize just how important your company logo is?

It appears on everything from your letterhead to your website, reaching customers, prospects, suppliers and the press. In other words, your logo reaches everyone who has any contact with you and is the first impression someone will have of your company. Because of its potential impact, your logo must offer a favorable impression of your business. Present yourself clearly and dynamically, and you'll look like a pro, even if your office is in your home's basement.

Your business image depends on a logo design that is polished, distinctive, and memorable. Let us help you...

tworzenie stron internetowych Chicago

Other Professional Design Options

Printing business-class marketing brochures, postcards, business cards, sales collateral and more - now easy and affordable for your growing business.

Postcards are ideal to inexpensively advertise your business - low price, high quality!